Libe entered to the Aix-en-Provence School of Fine Arts in 2016 after a first part of her career as a graphic designer. In addition to her license, she created Libe Photographe and produced reports and advertising projects on her own. In 2019, she validated her master’s degree of plastic expression in real-time art option, while carrying out numerous group exhibitions such as within Hybrid'Art, a contemporary art fair in the PACA region, where she presented the photography work: Un regard sur vous. Recently she participated in AVE FANTI!, a project carried out with other artists and presented at FRAC PACA in Marseille, France and some individual exhibitions, including the Sikhism project presented at the video art festival of Casablanca, in Morocco.

Currently, Libe lives in Montreal in Quebec and continues her practice, she works the sound installation, the video installation, photography, performance and recently, programming. Digital artist, her work revolves around two intimately intertwined axes. When she was a child, her father told her that the more she would grow up, the faster time would pass, that's when a strong bond in all of her works emerges. She is interested in human inscription in time through our rhythms, as well as in the relation of a physical presence towards a psychic, these researches inspired by the  philosophy book Aperçue of the philosopher Didi-Huberman, led her to realize many portraits : gestures, breaths, heartbeats, looks ... So she wonders, what does the body emit through her psyche?

As she goes about her work, in a poetic and conceptual approach, portraits linked to the rhythmicity of the body through repetitive and sometimes meditative forms calling into question our behavior in society. In the development of her research, she uses digital technology to create interactions between her realizations and spectator in the form of a game. Between recording picture and reality, she question the temporality. From an aesthetic point of view, these respond to the place where they are presented, and visually offer only some information on their design which can create a feeling of strangeness. In addition to her installations, her second line of work is the production of photographic works and realization of artists' editions accompanied by her texts. These photographic series, sometimes formal, with a poetic approach also question the conditions of our current society while interacting with the notion of presence and absence.