Entre toi et moi, solo exhibition, ESAAIX, France

Sur terre

Extract from artist photographs edition and art production,
- New edition 2019

Sur Terre is a photographic edition of 80 pages that invite us to think.

"During two months in Norway, I travelled from the north to the country's south with a car and a tent. I would talk with my camera about the world we're live in."

From environmentalism to uninhabited landscapes, pictures evoke a path to complete by the artist. The image invites us to question our relationship to nature through society.
This work is composed of photographs and texts from the artist, citations from Henri David Thoreau, and considerations from Thunder travelling, a first nation.

* Artist edition available here *  

Sous contrôle

Photographs micro edition. Video extract of the edition

A huge number of windows are abandoned, windows and French
doors are superimposed, sometimes accompanied by chairs.
They are members of several houses, whose forms are essentially
rectangular and square. I notice then that they are made of wood
and that their conditions in this immense heap,
are opposed to the image we make of them.