After a first part of her career as a graphic artist from 2009 to 2014, Libe entered the Fine Arts School of Aix-en-Provence in 2016. In parallel with her studies, she created 'Libe Photographe' and realized reports and advertising using her camera.

It’s in June 2019, after 5 years of studies in fine arts, that she validated her Master with real-time art option.

Working today between France and Quebec, she continues her artistic practice.

Libe is now working on sound installation, video installation, photography, performance and lately, programming. Digital artist, her work revolves around two intertwined axes. First, she is interested in the relationship of physical presence towards the psychic, that led her to realize plastically different portraits in the form of gestures, breath, heartbeats, and eyes.

What does the body transmit through its psyche?

Throughout her work, in a poetic and conceptual approach, the portraits led her to take an interest in the rhythmicity of the body through repetitive, and sometimes even meditative forms that put into question our societal behaviour. Furthermore, in the development of her research, with digital technology, she creates interaction between her realizations and the spectators which take the form of a game. Between recorded image and reality, it then questions the latter on the temporality of her work. From an aesthetic point of view, her realization vibrates with the place where they are presented, and visually offer only some information on their design which can create a feeling of strangeness. Secondly, in parallel with her installations, she creates photographic works in large and small formats, as well as editions of artists accompanied by philosophical texts. These photographic series, sometimes formal, question the conditions of our current society while interacting with the notion of presence and absence.

Overall, humans and their relations to the world are subjects which inspire her.