Elody Sanchis LIBE


1988     Born in Toulouse, France

She lives and works in Montréal, Québec, Canada


2019     Master's Degree in Plastic Expression, A-RT distinction, School of Art, Aix-en-Provence, France

2018     Exchange and residency, UQAM university, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

2017     National diploma in visual arts, ESAAIX, Aix-en-Provence, France

2014     Higher technician certificate in visual communication, Les Arènes, Toulouse, France

2012     Bachelor's degree in communications, graphics, advertising, opt. Editions, Jolimont school, Toulouse, FR

Residencies, awards and scholarships (selection)

2023     Air Artist Inn residency, Residency, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

2022     Materia: Public laboratory for the creation of digital knowledge, Elektra/Hexagram, Ilot Balmoral,

               Résidency Workshop, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

                Intrigo Collective, Perte de Signal, Residency, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

                TOPO, digital creation centre, Creation residency, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

2021     School of Visual Arts (SVA), Residency, New York, United States

2020     Arts Council Fellowship, London, UK

2018     Public space at Place des Arts, Congratulations from the UQAM jury, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

2017     UQAM university, Residency, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

2017     IMDb, film Min homosyster, acknowledgements and visual contribution, Tromsø, Norway

2017     Min homosyster, Residency, film Tromsø, Norway

Exhibitions and performances (selection)

2022     Festival VIII VIDEO FESTIVAL nodoCCS, Expand, video, Caracas, Venezuela

                Real Tinsel Gallery, Repetition Act 7, video installation and performance, Movement, Milwaukee, USA

                Satchel Projects gallery, Between Us, video installation, Ephemeral Existence, New York, USA

                CICA MUSEUM, Expand, video, THE DOERS, Gimpo-si, South Korea

                Asteroid Tiger strikes, Expand, video, TSAxSVA exhibition, New York, USA

                Aerogramme Centre for Arts & Culture, Respiration, sound installation, New York, USA

                Aerogramme Centre for Arts & Culture, Repetition, video, New York, USA

2021        Lift-O  Global Network Festival, Pinewood Studios, Expand, video, Vimeo on demand, London, UK

                The Flux review, Chuchotez-moi vos pensees, performance video, London, UK

                The Flux review, Respiration, sound installation video, London, United Kingdom

2020     Lumen Studios, Video, OUR NIGHT SKIES, Arts Council England Fellowship, London, UK

                Kensington + Chelsea Art Week festival, Sur terre, Little Voices, London - United Kingdom

                ARTISTS RESPONDING TO./A.R.T gallery, Sur terre, Online Gallery – United Kingdom

2019     Gallery of the Higher School of Art, Exhibition “De toi à moi”, Aix-en-Provence – France

              Aix Art Festival, Video installation, Untitled, Chapelle des Oblates, Aix, France

            Regional Contemporary Art Fund (FRAC PACA), Video, Avé Fanti, Marseille, France

            HÖFN edition, edition, Dreams on a washing line with Polvaldur (collaboration) – Iceland

            ESAAIX photo studio, Presentation, photographic edition, Sur terre, Aix – France

2018   ESAAIX sound studio, Performance, Quelle heure est-il? - France

            Place des Arts, Video, Waves, Montreal – Canada

            3bis F- contemporary arts venue, Sound creation (collaboration), El eco de tu voz, Aix – France

            p-node.org, Radio broadcasting, Quel heure est-il? , France

            ESAAIX sound studio, Performance, Quel heure est-il?, France

            ESAAIX Gallery, Voyage Voyage, video and sound installation, Discussions, Waves, Aix – France

2017     Gallery of ESAAIX, “Man and Nature” Exhibition, Aix-en-Provence – France

            UQAM, Les bureaux d’Angus, Discussions, sound installation, Discussions, Montreal – Canada

            Hybrid’Art, contemporary art fair, Photographs, A look at you, Port-de-Bouc – France

            ESAAIX photo studio, Presentation, photographic edition, Origins, Aix – France

            Festival Tous courts, L’annonciation II, Photographic slideshow, Aix-en-Provence, France

2016     Video Art Festival, Sikhism, Casablanca – Morocco

            Vasarely Foundation, !Risques d’exposition!, performance and installation, Frontières, Aix – France

            ESAAIX Amphitheatre, Chuchotez-moi vos pensees, performance, Aix – France

            Mobile Audio Fest, sound recordings (Collaboration), Aix-en-Provence, France

2015     ESAAIX gallery, Kiss, Performance with Xilun You, – France

            GAMERZ 13th edition, Multimedia Arts Festival, L’annonciation II, Slideshow, Aix – France


2020     Photographic edition, Sur terre, self-publishing, 80p. 150 copies.

2018     Photographic edition, Windows, self-publishing, 5p. 1 ex.

2017     Photographic edition, A look at you, self-publishing, 12p. 15 copies

2016     Photographic edition, Origins, produced and distributed by ESAAIX, 30p. 30 copies.

Press and publications (selection)

2021     Artjobs, one page about my work, London, United Kingdom

2020     Point Contemporain, cultural magazine, A page on my work, Paris, France

2020     Kensington Art Festival + Chelsea Art Week, art guide, London, UK

2019     Aix Art Festival, festival catalog, Aix-en-Provence, France

              T vers un present moment, library, ESAAIX, Aix-en-Provence, France

2019     FRAC PACA, exhibition catalog, Ave, Fanti !, Marseille, France

2017     Hybrid’Art, contemporary art fair, exhibition catalog, Port-de-Bouc, France

            International video art festival, Instants Vidéo, Casablanca, Morocco

            UQAM news journal, Immersive Unpacking, Quebec, Canada

2016    Le journal d’Aix-en-Provence.fr, Risque d’exposition! Aix-en-Provence, France

2015     Clutch cultural magazine, Slut-Shaming collaboration with Pierre Beteille, Toulouse, France

Conferences (selection)

2022     Presentation, Collaborative project, Materia: Public creation laboratory, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

2021     Presentation of my work, visit to my studio with RAN (SVA), New York, United States

2021     Presentation of my work, visit to my studio with the School of visual Art (SVA), New York, United States

2017     Presentation of my research and my work, ESAAIX, Aix-en-Provence, France

Professional experience (selection)

2019-Present         Professional artist in media arts, Elody Sanchis Libe, self-employed

2023-Present         Founder, Development and Creation, Studio Parachute, Canada/France/USA

2021-22                    Communications and media projects advisor, self-employed

2020                         Assistant director at Paperole, Aire de Jeux festival, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

2016-18                     Hostess, Pavillon Noir Angelin Preljocaj Ballet, Aix-en-Provence, France

Juries and selection committees

2021-24                    Communication committee, TOPO digital creation Centre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

                                   Administration committee, TOPO digital creation centre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

2020-21                    Development Committee, Articule, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

2018                           Jury and member of the committee, recruitment, Professor of photography, ESAAIX, France


Member, TELEPORTAL GALLERY, artists’ collective, New York, USA

Skills and interests

The theory and practice of digital arts and new media, sociology, philosophy, conceptual and visual practice, the study of

Science, the use of software and creative tools, and the thinking and use of AI also addressed in my research.

Contact : me@eslibe.com