Libe develops meticulous work combining performance, installation, photography, video, sound, sculpture, drawing, and writing. As a visual and digital artist, her multidisciplinary approach, rooted in philosophical and sociological research, focuses on an in-depth exploration of our societal conditioning and highlights the unconditional nature of human existence.

Libe has participated in numerous exhibitions in France and abroad, including the co-creation of AVÉ FANTI! Exhibited at FRAC PACA (2018). She received a grant from Arts Council England and showed her work SUR TERRE at the KCAW festival in London, England (2020). More recently, she resided at the School of Visual Arts in New York, exhibiting her work at Tiger Strikes Asteroid and the Aerogramme Centre Arts and Culture in New York, USA (2021). His work has been exhibited at the CICA Museum in South Korea (2022) and the Donner Wieblitz Gallery in Munich, Germany (2023) for the Flower Power Festival. She collaborates with international artists, physicists, and researchers in the AI field, exhibiting her work worldwide.

Libe was born in 1988 in Toulouse, France, and currently resides and works in Canada.

Libe's work & author rights are represented by ADAGP (La Société des auteurs dans les arts graphiques et plastiques), Paris, France, RAIQ (Regroupement des arts interdisciplinaires du Québec) & RAAV (
Regroupement des Artistes en Arts Visuels)